Analysis of the contribution of the product


Contribution of the product CRM E-Commerce OneToOne Marketing Sales analysis

I think we want to write about a product analysis of E-commerce websites today.
It is natural to assume that "yesterday is what sold it?" Said sales and suddenly stretched or overnight.
It is assumed that if they studied while making full use of ABC analysis, such as sales of products sold when performing commodity analysis in the net shop, profits, and sales volume.

To think the reason for selling the goods is very important.
In order to find the rule salable, we have to consider price and strength characteristics, and storage methods, the reason why a variety of other no other and appearance of the product.

It should be noted, however, that I want you to do one more when the analysis products were sold.
It is to examine this product is, or are contributing to what extent E-commerce Website.
It is as follows: To be more specific.
And products that I bought along with the products that sell what products?
- Customers who bought me some products are going to come and buy what kind of future products.

I've been analyzing the winter that sold in November to February last year in the net shop of apparel there the other day.
I tried to focus on the sales of the muffler of two in it.
[Case Study]
A muffler of 1,000 yen, it looks fashionable first. I do not let you feel any cheapness.
5,000 yen muffler B, sense of quality drifting than muffler of 1,000 yen course second.

A muffler had exceeded the sales volume of the muffler alone.
Most were single item purchased at half of new customers customers who purchased the muffler A. Probability of repeat then also low, just came just pick off sale items It was a "sale sniper". Looking at the products that are repeat buying and the other, it was enough to buy an accessory at best customers and go buy a different color so that it can be used every day, such as gloves and muffler other.

On the other hand, was not very few people Customers who bought me the muffler B that end bought only one piece of article only customers who can buy me a coat together, bought a bag.
Type of products bought me purchaser of muffler and then repeat the same time or was about 20 in muffler type A. On the other hand, there was over 80 Customers who bought me the muffler B.

Muffler B is even less than the muffler A in sales of single muffler, there was also several times the muffler A is earnings and sales figures, which brings as a result.
In other words, profit, in other words towards the muffler I B is higher contribution than the muffler A.
Bag and coat also will sell on its own as if you sell sell the muffler of 5,000 yen. It is a very simple equation.

By We saw a trend that customers us to buy in E-commerce Website this,
It was decided to go focus on more than last year on the sale of goods of a type as similar to it and muffler B this year.
While it might appear to be cheap even muffler 5,000 yen,
I was able to very important to point that it is not necessary to compete on the cheap also just to clarify.

There are some cases where it is apt to overlook just just to watch only the number of sales of the product one by one.
It is a good idea to pay attention to the products as well as products which sold by itself, would like to contribute to when performing commodity analysis.