Chase the whereabouts of coupons distributed. For effect measurement and analysis of sales discount sale.


Analysis of discount sale Coupon LifeTimeValue LTV measurement of effectiveness Sales analysis

There are many holidays fall of Japan.
Sales will be extended, typing measures on the last day of the holiday the first day consecutive holidays.
We have to talk to enough octopus to ear the net shop management personnel consulting contract and immediately after.
You often see sale it's holidays.

Speaking with a sale, Rakuten Golden Eagles professional baseball in Japan won the other day, discount sale of the Rakuten market became a topic still fresh in our minds.

By the way, do you measure the effectiveness and sales analysis for discount sale?
The fact, or was able to get the sales and profits of how much discount sale period, but also is important,
It is to find out new customers acquired during a sale is, or bring the benefit of how much future.

For example, if customers come in three times a week to buy drip coffee 300 yen (short size) at Starbucks
If you have to be there. Set at 50% the cost temporarily.
・1 week(sales / profit): ¥ 900 / ¥ 450
・1 month(sales / profit):¥3,600 / ¥1,800
・1 year (sales / profit):¥46,800 / ¥23,400

Customers come to buy this drip coffee profits ¥450 in one week, ¥1,800 in one month,and ¥23,400 in one year.
Brings. This is the benefit of this customer brings to Starbucks.

I will do the same analysis of the discount sale of e-commerce website. New customers acquired by sale is the sale
The long as they continue to buy the goods and regardless, the discount sale can be used as best practices, take advantage in the future.

I had the opportunity to analyze the periods of uninterrupted data of e-commerce website there before.
A comparison of customers and non-customers earned by using the coupon, the following results came out.

【The average number of repeats】
Customers who purchase by using the coupon:3.42 times
Customers do not use the coupon:1.76 times

【The average spending per customer】
Customers who purchase by using the coupon:¥81,006
Customers do not use the coupon:¥34,734

Those customers who did not use coupons, but was surpassed profit margin was therefore period within a limited,
You can expect that the customer using the coupon from the customer using the coupon, per customer and the number of repetitions is higher than the future profit.
Success stories better to use a coupon for new customer acquisition is good was born this e-commerce website as a result.

Effect measurement of discount sale can do sales analysis during the period, but let's also chasing profits from customers after a period.
I think that's e-commerce website that is operated by a long period of time, that there is plenty of data that can be analyzed.
Try to analyze once by all means.

By the way marketing term ones where the customer, or bring the benefit of how much to shop in one
Life Time Value, is called the "LTV" for short.