Let's sales analysis of your e-commerce website in this item at least once a week.


Budget and Actual E-Commerce e-newsletter measurement of performance Sales analysis

I wrote that before, that should be thoroughly analyzed until the cause of the cause for sales analysis of your e-commerce website.
I think it's the fact that street. I want you working on now.

I would like to tell this time, I tell you about the sales analysis you want to go once a week.
Take a look at the table of the following.

This table is a sheet for performing tracking sales.

Go to the separate the e-coomerce website for smartphone and for PC always.

There are items of budget and actual at the beginning. Budget set any number that was predicted in the beginning of the month in advance.

Track record will put the numbers at the time of the survey. For example, if you are going to hold a meeting of the net shop in-house every Monday, it would be a good idea to put a figure to Sunday.

All you need is a measure of achievement. For example, you as a guide 50% achievement rate as long as only up to the second week. 
You will find with a tick in red with the items is more than 73.3% since the number of days are going to the (÷ number of months after the date of) 73% of the month in this sheet.

<Checkpoint of sales analysis sheet>
· Items that can achieve something
· Items that can not be achieved something
· How do you do to achieve the items that are not able to achieve.

It is that they represent as a number E-newsletter, advertising, and the number of customers to a number other than that everyone is looking for sales number of visitors, purchase rate, such as order unit price for this seat.

You should investigate the cause whenever it was not achieved sales of monthly or achievement,. However, it is not possible number of visitors, purchase rate, to clarify the cause order just price.

The main cause of if it has not been possible to achieve sales temporarily if it's revenue from e-mail newsletter, you can you can increase the number of deliveries of mail magazine, to review the contents of the E-newsletter.

[ Why do I need this table to sales analysis ]
In addition, instead of being chased the target by managing this table, you can also follow .

It has also been found that if I understand in advance the sales effect of one copy per e-mail newsletter , and that , whether the goal can be achieved in many times if you deliver mail magazine every month .

It is also predicted that if you ask people what is repeat after this month goal that can be achieved also for the number of customers .

And if I examine each medium the advertising expenditures of ¥ 1 per also advertising , you will be able to figure out , how can achieve your goals if I use how much .

Instead of being forced from the target , Chasing actively targets . And I hit the policy actively . That way , you can be aggressive sales analysis from sales analysis to determine the cause , what do that , or do I need to do to achieve the goal .

Open the meeting to check the number of the above means If there is a company that has not been a meeting to check the numbers to individuals other than management .

< How to determine the revenue from e-mail newsletter >
There is no problem if you are . If our effect measurement tool of pay , but the most accurate it is to calculate in association string the order data and address of reader e-mail newsletters . It is easy to characterize and string in the VLOOKUP function in Excel.

< How to find new customers and repeat customers >
May not be able to analyze separately the repeat customers and new customers by the net shop .

Please garnish , such as you would using the Excel customers and beyond customers until the day of the week or month you want to check in that case .
For example, if you examine the number of new customers for up to 10 / 6-9 / 30 , if you put the customer is not in the order data of up to 9/ 29
Please count and new customers . It may be hard , but it can be calculated if aggregated at the VLOOKUP and pivot in Excel.
Please contact us if you do not know the way .

< For advertising effectiveness >
You may access and sales from the ads do not know the ads sponsored by a shopping mall .

 Have to be predicted by comparing sales day is not advertising and date are advertising the advertisement , number of visitors , purchase rate , order bids that case . Even without an exact number , it is better than doing nothing .

Let's Try it!