The key to increase sales of SmartPhone E-commerce websites is the e-newsletter for SmartPhone.


E-Commerce e-newsletter SmartPhone

[Do not you try to come to grips with E-commerce website for SmartPhone.]
Access to the E-commerce website is more than 70% EC is that it is accessible from SmartPhone According to a survey conducted by the company lock Wave went in January 2013.
Previous research has been conducted in September 2012, 61.6% at that time that was accessible from SmartPhone.
Wider spread of SmartPhone that can browse the E-commerce website on par with PC,
There is no doubt that many people have always carry within 30cm radius, increase access to the E-commerce website.
Has also increased as well as access to the actual order.
Order from the E-commerce website has been rapidly increasing SmartPhone than PC in my client E-commerce websites,
Has come to be called, to purchase from SmartPhone users who have continued to buy from PC to this E-commerce website.

I would like to ask everyone here.
Have you been working specifically to increase the order from SmartPhone users?
· Do you have to build a E-commerce website SmartPhone?
· Do you have analyzed sales E-commerce website dedicated to SmartPhone?
· Do you have to deliver the e-mail magazine E-commerce website dedicated to SmartPhone?

If there is an item called "No" to the above questions, you should start any day now efforts.
I am often to companies that are often seen as the center of the main revenue EC E-commerce website for PC,
I hear a voice that. "Is not good in the same PC initiatives because they see the PC E-commerce website E-commerce website SmartPhone users as well."
This is actually very wasteful.

- Here is different sales structure of PC E-commerce website and SmartPhone E-commerce website]
The largest difference in the PC E-commerce website and SmartPhone E-commerce website is the difference between sales by e-newsletter.
Be analyzed separately and push, and pull the sales of EC E-commerce websites, PC sales of pull-type E-commerce websites occupied percentage is very high.
Sales and sales of push-pull type or nearly balanced, in SmartPhone E-commerce website in some cases the vast majority of sales on the other hand pull.

Will not be viewed without opening the computer and be distributed much a e-newsletter that can be called the representative of the push in the PC E-commerce website.
Correspondingly, greatly reduced the opportunity to reduce the opportunity to click on a link in the e-newsletter, the opportunity to purchase reduced if viewing.
As a result, many of the companies that operate the PC E-commerce website e-newsletter is not active so it is also about once a week.
On the other hand, e-mail on your SmartPhone mark is displayed on the terminal of the new e-mail arrives.
Therefore, the more opportunity to increase opportunities for viewing and purchase as a result.
If it is that, if SmartPhone sales E-commerce website is occupied largely pull, that there is room to develop the sales of push!
Recently, there has been a registered member of the E-commerce website PC, and an increasing number of SmartPhone customers who order.
It pioneered the push sales of SmartPhone will lead to that E-commerce website also push to PC customers.

Mobile E-commerce in Japan - a high proportion of sales from the e-newsletter]
In Japan, originally a E-commerce website for FeaturePhone in the heyday of FeaturePhone called 3G mobile
Had been growing rapidly. In the background is from sales of e-newsletters has contributed significantly.
The ratio of net sales of FeaturePhone shop was growing rapidly at the time and 6:4 to 5:5 to 4:6 in a push-pull type and
The proportion of push is has become very large.
Sales for the day will change significantly in one e-mail magazine, "it's not very good sales today!'ll Keep this one hit the e-newsletter" in the field is that
I have often seen.
e-newsletter e-newsletter is delivered as well as to consider the proposed OneToOne individually to each one of our customers 2-3 times, in addition to the week.
And have earned a percentage of sales revenue is an increasing number of e-newsletters, delivered every stable,
You will be easy to understand what this is, or what should I do delivery to achieve the goals the e-newsletter.

You can increase sales by e-newsletter as well as SmartPhone and FeaturePhone.
If those who have not yet started to deliver the SmartPhone e-newsletter is folded, I will try all means work.
The amount of space available on your SmartPhone and feature phone than, and can also deliver HTML mail
You will be able to achieve an easy and creative appeal so broad restrictions lead to more sales technology.

So as to increase the opportunity to deliver the e-newsletter of the SmartPhone,
I want to write about, what should we be what he delivered e-newsletter.

- That I want to keep doing to increase sales from the SmartPhone version e-newsletter]
1. Referring to the e-newsletter of your competitors.
2. HTML e-mail or text or e-mail.
3. What to do with the story of the e-newsletter, or to whom the target of delivery.
4. What to do to deliver a stable e-newsletter.
5. How do you make the measurement effect.

1. Reference to the competitor's e-newsletters
It might also be a good reference to the e-newsletter of their competing E-commerce website, even unrelated industries e-newsletter
I will be and try to be helpful. E-commerce website that HTML e-mail e-newsletter is delivered as much as possible is preferred.
A small shop shop shop expert focused on genre overall, specific, and the E-commerce website items to which reference to
You should opt for.

Check out our e-newsletter in the following ways: When you receive e-newsletters.
(Such as the number of items that are listed) in the amount of information one e-newsletter
• Date and time delivery, delivery frequency
Products and has posted is that somehow. (Such as: New products Top sellers, the classic example)
• Frequency of sale, sales price and the sale item
Special planning things such as cut-
Content other than product sales (for example, use of goods and ideas and have written)
Target-delivery (for example, what has been delivered to all, such as whether a particular for customers)

Would have also received e-mail magazine E-commerce website other genres as much as possible of their shop.
We may find a surprising discovery.

2. E-mail or text, or HTML e-mail.
It is ideally HTML mail.
While we verify the sales of FeaturePhone e-newsletter from when I was a heyday until now,
There were nearly twice about even in sales of Deco-mail e-mail text is very close to the HTML e-mail. (In the middle. Was also E-commerce website with sales nearly three times)
Although there may be reasons for appeal by the image, Deco-mail immediately after the delivery of more than just sell,
Had been made before and after sales and about twice as a result of e-mail text.
Tended to be the same on your SmartPhone.
To produce a HTML mail if very, it's going to deliver the e-mail text,
I think that if you work hard, and may also consider the means to resolve it.

3. How Does the story of the e-newsletter, to whom delivery target do?
It is divided into the following three big joke and say the e-newsletter.
(Guidance of muscle products are popular products, and sold new products) products that appeal e-newsletter
→ I often see on the E-commerce website new products are often sold in large quantities.
Sale-mail magazine that appeal to
→ It is often found in malls e-newsletter.
In the feature-mail magazine that appeal
→ I found a small number of items and the E-commerce website, fashion shop on the net.

Delivery to target anyone do? It can not be distributed to everyone, you will perform the data analysis
I can not even narrow your delivery. I'd like to write another time about how to deliver narrow your delivery.
If you start a capture, I consider the first to be delivered to all.

4. What to do to deliver a stable e-newsletter.
You will always need to be adjusted when you try to start something new.
Various issues who is doing, and whether you can continue to occur.
However, revenue can not continue to grow unless the new challenges in any E-commerce website.
It is also important to consider the creation of system, we first try to create the ideal e-newsletter once.
Try to think about how to understand the system will take much time and effort to make the e-newsletter.

5. How do you measure the effect.
Then you may want to take advantage of what is the function of the E-commerce website effect measurement,
I does not matter we measured the effect that you can use for free as Google Analytics.
I have used indicators usually are as follows.

・Sales from the e-newsletter
・ The number of clicks in the e-newsletter
· The number of orders (by shop may also have purchase points in order 1)
・Purchase rate, as seen from the number of deliveries (delivery number ÷ number of orders, or Click on the number of links in the e-newsletter ÷ number of orders) as seen from the e-newsletter click purchase rate
(Total sales revenue ÷ E-commerce website e-newsletter), and the ratio of sales due to the sales of the entire e-newsletter readers
・Sales and per address (the number of delivery ÷ sales)
This item was purchased (quantity, or a combination)
Profiles of users who have purchased
・The number of new customers, the number of repeat customers

Since it is only taking the time to index and aggregate large, want you to only minimal
Is the "percentage of sales due to the sales of the entire e-newsletter readers" and "sales per address."

There is a way to narrow the delivery destination and delivery in all e-newsletter readers.
Comparison is difficult, such as the number of sales and number of orders and delivery varies widely used in combination.
In that case you can measured equally effective if "sales per address."
There is also the fact that if the sales of the entire E-commerce website is not even grow a variety of reasons to start a e-newsletter delivery.
There is a possibility that the overall sales may not change, or if they fall, they doubt the effect of the e-newsletter.
That way you know the sales of e-newsletter readers, you are more likely to understand the impact.

Became at length, let me start the delivery of the first e-newsletter but also to increase sales of SmartPhone users from first!